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Survival Plan

How I’m getting through homeschooling during a pandemic!

Well, this year is going to be interesting for sure. I have 4 kids that vary in age, this year I’ll have an 11th grader, 5th grader, kindergartener, and a one-year-old. For the most part, I am a super laid-back mom and I try my best to not infuse myself too much in all their schoolwork and activities. I have been fortunate enough to have raised four awesome self-sufficient kids ­– so far.   


My 11th grader currently has a 4.376 GPA, and my son, the 5th grader and only boy in the bunch, is an amazing elementary school student and a social butterfly. And then there’s my kindergartner, she didn’t go to pre-school so this will truly be her first day of school. I’m so excited for her! 


I know this year has been crazy for everyone, and nothing about this year is normal. I decided to break from my usual laid-back strategy and turn up my engagement level a bit. I really want to make sure I keep my kiddos encouraged and motivated for this new and unique experience. I sat them down to discuss the new school year and this is the plan we came up with to keep us all on track:

1. Simplify! Easy schedule.


Don't make a rigid minute to minute schedule that will make you crazy. Leave room for life to happen. Here is a general schedule that we plan on following when school starts. We will adjust the general times when we get the actual school schedule.

Morning routine:

Shower, brush teeth, get dressed and get workspace ready.

Family Meeting:

Check homework, listen to needs of the child, sign documents etc.


Bedtime routing:

Brush teeth, lay out clothes for the next day and make sure all school work is ready and near workstation for their morning classes.


2. Fun


Make back to school exciting and magical with all the traditions you had before.

Get some new clothes and supplies

Make a nice breakfast 

Decorate the workspace,

Plan for after school celebration dinner 

Have a show and tell to talk about the first day  

Make hot cocoa of hot cider

Take first day of school photos. 

Be creative and make the day exciting for everyone.

​Plan holiday activities for fall. This could truly be a fun and magically memorable time for the whole family.

3. Have faith in your kids.


Your kids are smarter and more capable than we give them credit for. Let them shine and have faith that they got this.

4. Set boundaries.

Set boundaries and set a time where you talk about and address homework. Sign documents and talk to your kids about the important information regarding school and activities, this will avoid them knocking your bedroom door at 11pm with all the last-minute questions. This way they gain respect for your time and work.


5. Reward.


Reward a job well done

Keep the excitement going with reward lunches for good work. Keep your own reward star chart with your own small rewards like v-bucks, small toys, candy, get out of chore free card.


If you have and additional suggestions, please comment below so we can make this experience even better.


That’s it! You got this!

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