For those of you that don't know me here is a little back story for you to understand my relationship with fitness and how I have needed to implement a major workout routine a few times in my life just to get back to normal.

I am no stranger to physical rehabilitation at the age of 19 I was in a severe car accident with my best friends  and broke my back. That is the first time I learned I could build myself back from a dyer state and come back with a stronger mind, body and spirit. 

my body in 1999 after car accident

In that accident I was told that I would never have children and now sitting here working on how to get back to myself again after my 4TH CHILD!!! I know why I might second guess what anyone has to say about my capabilities 😋

Aurora 2004

Zuriel 2010

Ariel 2015

Leia 2019

With each of my pregnancies I gained 70 lbs. and fully lost the weight each time implementing a version of this challenge I plan on doing now 🤗

February 2017

May 2017

JUNE 2017

Here are the results with my last pregnancy in 2017.


I always nurse my babies for a good while and then I start working out after I know they are fully done 🙈 Leia is now one and a half and is fully eating solids and drinking milk so I feel like its definitely time to start weaning.

Now here we go again! Pandemic and all! We got this! You got this! I got this! ANNNNDDD I WILL GET BACK IN THESE JEANS! 😂 

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