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5 Steps to an Abundant Garden

Garden Plan 2020.jpg

This is how I went from being terrified of a food shortage to my own abundant garden in one month.  


 1. I made a plan.


Any time you say "plan", that is where you usually lose me. But it turns out, planning your garden is a really creative and fun activity. If you are not careful, it may turn into a full-fledged gardening addiction. 


I am by no means an expert at gardening! But I certainly had a flourishing garden in one month from the little I learned. 


Find your zone, which is a number assigned for your location. Then google what is good to plant in that zone number, or forget the zone and just google what to plant in your neck of the woods.


I am zone 7 and decided to plant only the things I actually purchase from the grocery that works with my zone.


Garden Size 14 feet by 20 feet


As for the garden itself, I put posts in the ground and strung chicken wire all around it. The whole thing cost under $100.

As I'm sure you know, there are tons of great ideas and tutorials on Pinterest! I will make a blog post on how to make the one below if you guys request it :)


May 16, 2020


2. I Planted things I like


In order to prep the soil, I flipped my ground dirt with my pitchfork, which is SOOOOOOOOO MUCH EASIER than using a hoe to till the land! Then I mixed in a bag of soil per 2 ft by 3 ft section, and where I planted the seeds, I made sure the soil was richer. Seeds are surprisingly easy to plant and most need to be planted super shallow! 


June 4, 2020


3. I watched things grow.

Water and watch everything grow! ❤️



June 4, 2020



July 5, 2020



4. I harvested my veggies. 

This was the most exciting thing EVER! I totally recommend you wear a gardening hat and have a pretty basket for the full effect :P


Pick your pretty veggies and send me a photo!






 5. I cooked homegrown foods.

I can't stress enough the fulfillment I felt, planting, harvesting, and cooking my own food! The freshness and satisfaction you get going from planting the seed, growing, and cooking your own food is an experience you just can't miss out on. 

I know this wasn't a detailed how-to-garden, but I wanted to share my experience to encourage your journey and let you know it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to go from zero gardening experience to a garden full of beautiful and delicious veggies in one month.

I can’t wait to see what you plant!

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