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Organic Bee & Flower Swaddle, where nature meets nurture in the softest embrace. Crafted from 100% organic cotton muslin, this swaddle is GOTS certified, ensuring purity and sustainability at every touch.


Measuring 47x47 inches, it offers ample room for snug wrapping, perfect for bedtime, playtime, and every sweet moment in between. Lightweight and breathable, it keeps your little one cozy without overheating. Embrace the gentle comfort of nature with our Organic Bee & Flower Swaddle: Made of 100% organic cotton muslin GOTS certified for purity and sustainability


Size: 47x47 inches Lightweight, breathable, and perfect for all occasions Wrap your little one in the pure goodness of nature with our Organic Bee & Flower Swaddle, where every cuddle feels like a touch of paradise.

Bee and flower swaddle blanket

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